Welcome to AlphaCore Communicator!

The AlphaCore text-to-speech app helps to speed and facilitate communication for literate people with a wide variety of access needs like those with ALS/MND.

Developed by a speech pathologist, AlphaCore incorporates features proven effective by research and inspired by the day-to-day experiences of patients and caregivers.

AlphaCore features easy to customize phrase pages to facilitate participation in conversation, guide caregivers as to your needs, assist in a variety of common phone interactions and provide others with tips and strategies that will help them to better interact with you.

AlphaCore incorporates all of these features in a simple fusion of patient-driven requirements and strategies that boost communication speed and efficiency.

A portion of AlphaCore’s proceeds will be donated to the MDA’s Home Visit Grant. This grant funds Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) evaluations, system customizations and family trainings by speech therapists for people with ALS.

Four Keyboards

AlphaCore provides four keyboards to maximize speed and efficiency for people with various physical challenges and to meet the needs at every stage of ALS progression..

Core Vocabulary

The Core Vocabulary Keyboard speeds message formation for those using mouse, touchpad, joystick, headmouse and even some accurate eye trackers by providing the high frequency words that account for 75% of what we say on one page.

TouchType Keyboard

The TouchType Keyboard is for those who use a Bluetooth keyboard or Touchscreen. It provides F-Keys so hands never need to leave the keyboard to clear, speak or use word/phrase prediction.

The 4 AlphaCore Keyboards

AlphaCore Core Word Keyboard

AlphaCore TouchType Keyboard