AlphaCore app offers 4 keyboards. How do I choose which keyboard is right for me?

  1. Our Welcome to AlphaCore video explains the characteristics of each keyboard and who they most effectively support. Our personalizing your Layout video will help you get your layout set up.The TouchType Keyboard is designed to support people who can use their hands to type on a Bluetooth or touch screen. Large keyboard is a big button keyboard for people who have some difficulty targeting smaller buttons, need bigger font or just want a simple keyboard. People using eye tracking often find this keyboard works well.
  2. Extra Large Keyboard provides very big keys for people who may have a great deal of trouble targeting accurately. This keyboard may help people using eye tracking who have reduced accuracy in targeting.
  3. The AlphaCore Keyboard is designed to speed communication for people who use any pointing device like a mouse, touchpad, joystick or head tracker. Some very accurate eye trackers may also find the AlphaCore Keyboard speed them up. You do not need to be able to click a mouse because all of our keyboards provide the dwell selection option.
  4. A few guidelines for choosing a keyboard that is a good match:

Am I able have AlphaCore play the recordings I made of my own voice?

Yes, AlphaCore makes it very easy to incorporate any sound files you have recorded. The steps are shown in our Welcome to AlphaCore video (at minute 8). If you have used MessageBanking.com you can add all your banked messages by just selecting the button labeled “Import MessageBanking.com File”. Location of this button is Charm Menu àSettingsàManage Message Banking àImport MessageBanking.Com File

Can I run a synthesized voice I created on Model Talker?

ModelTalker voices are not currently compatible with Windows Store applications such as AlphaCore Communicator.  If possible, this is a change that will need to be made by ModelTalker.  The people at ModelTalker are aware of this issue and are looking into it.

How do I customize a button?

  1. Type the message you would like to add to a button in your message window. Select the “Save or Copy” button which is in the group of yellow buttons in the top right hand corner of the screen. 
  2. If you would like your message to serve as both the spoken message and the label of the button select “Save to Button”   If you only want to change the label on your button select “Label Only".  If you only want to change the message of the button select “Message Only”.

How do I download the messages I banked on messagebanking.com?

If you have used MessageBanking.com to record your voice, you can add all your banked messages by just selecting the button labeled “Import MessageBanking.com File”. 

  • In Windows 8 the Location of this button is Charms Menu > Settings > Manage Message Banking > Import MessageBanking.Com File
  • In Windows 10 the Location of this button is Menu Button (in top left hand corner of screen)> Settings > Manage Message Banking > Import MessageBanking.Com File

How would someone who had purchased and customized AlphaCore, install AlphaCore on multiple devices while keeping those customizations?

You can install a single purchased copy of AlphaCore on multiple computers as long as they are logged in on the same Microsoft ID with which you purchased AlphaCore.  There is an option within General Settings that allows you to Export and Import the settings from one system to another.

Are there any Windows based phones that have a screen large enough to use AlphaCore?

As of right now AlphaCore Communicator only runs on desktops and tablets, not on phones.

What if I have questions that are not answered here?

You can email the AlphaCore Communicator team at: info@alphacorecommunicator.com